18 December 2017

Codan Sentry-H: new capabilities update

Codan’s Sentry-H Military HF 150W radio has been developed to meet the demands of the modern battlefield, with its small form factor and Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture. The latest release provides increased capability and integration with existing platforms.

The latest release of Sentry-H delivers mission essential benefits and includes; 3G ALE (STANAG 4538) waveform, Codan’s new secure interoperability function, integration with Virtual Control Point and Sprint software, additional foreign language support and a new mounting hardware for rack mounting (base) and shock mounting (mobility) applications.

The 3G ALE (STANAG 4538) waveform provides fast and robust linking in the most challenging conditions improving network availability, shortest latency for data/messaging application and interoperability. For a full explanation of the STANAG 4538, please refer to Codan’s 3G ALE application note.

Codan’s secure interoperability function was specially developed to simplify user applications requiring different encryption types or keys when communicating across disparate networks, or assets within existing networks that require a unique key. The radio function automates the switching of encryption technology, ensuring transmit on the correct key without the need to change keys manually – ensuring quick secure communications in demanding conditions. This also limits users from inadvertently transmitting using the wrong key/mode.

The Codan Virtual Control Point (VCP) is a Windows® PC application which enables users full control of the radio. Designed to operate on devices such as rugged laptops, with connectivity via wired Ethernet, the VCP provides a common operating experience compared with the conventional handset / console, with the added convenience of mouse / keyboard control.

Codan’s Sprint software provides secure, high performance HF radio messaging capabilities as well as a gateway to support interchange of phone SMS messages and internet email between the HF and external networks. The software utilises the 3G ALE (STANAG S4538) waveform to support channel linking and transport of data between HF radios in the network – providing distinct speed advantages over HF data solutions using 2G ALE or other legacy linking protocols.

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