3 February 2020

Codan XTEND now supports iOS, February 2020

Codan Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX: CDA) has improved their smartphone compatibility of Codan XTEND to now include iOS operating systems.

Codan’s XTEND app allows you to operate your Codan radio via your smartphone or tablet. With the combination of a carefully designed UI running on a familiar smartphone format the XTEND app is intuitive to use and requires little to no training, simplifying HF communications.

The XTEND app enables the user to operate the connected radio in all commonly used voice modes and also for text based messaging. Remote GPS position data received from other HF stations may also be quickly and easily displayed on the smartphone Google maps application.

“Improving accessibility whether it be different operating systems or simply making HF comms easier to use for those in the field is paramount to Codan”, said Steven Jenkins, VP Systems & Solutions, Codan Communications.

Codan Xtend for iOS can be downloaded from the App store here.

For more information on Codan Xtend and its related products such as the Codan Envoy contact our sales team on sales@codancomms.com.

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