22 February 2021

Mesh network: Increasing resilience and reducing infrastructure across network domains

Tactical communication networks have until recently been based mostly on point-to-multipoint near-line-of-sight networks, principally in the very-high frequency band. This arrangement is now being replaced by MANET technology, which offers a more resilient and flexible communications architecture. Giles Ebbutt reports.

Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) technology provides a self-forming, self-healing
communications mesh network in which the radios automatically connect to build out the network, with each acting as an autonomous, repeater node within it. The most frequently noted advantages of this technology are that there is no infrastructure, it is resilient, and network management is minimal.

Date Posted: 18-Feb-2021
Author: Giles Ebbutt, Plymouth
Publication: Jane's International Defence Review

The Domo Tactical Communications NETNode2x5W-5RM MANET radio has been featured in this news article. To read more, download the report from the link below.

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