28 May 2021

Sovereign Tactical Communications Capability within Commonwealth Grasp says Codan

The world’s most advanced tactical communications capability is now within the grasp of the Australian Defence Force as a sovereign capability. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) are the leading solution for dismounted, mounted and unmanned communications requirements and are being deployed by elite military forces around the world. Thanks to Codan’s acquisition of MANET world leader Domo Tactical Communications (DTC), Australia now has a sovereign capability that includes design, research and manufacturing capability.

A MANET is a decentralised wireless network that operates independently of the need for infrastructure such as radio towers and where each node of the network also acts a router and host at the same time. It is sought after by elite militaries for its mobility, rapid deployment capability, security and robustness, even in the most challenging of battlegrounds. As a wireless ad-hoc IP centric network it presents as a fluid, self-forming, self-healing ‘mesh’ characterised by genuine non-line of sight coverage, superb penetration and wide bandwidth.

President of Codan Tactical Communications Paul Sangster said that Codan’s acquisition represents a quantum leap in sovereign capability for the Commonwealth.

“DTC’s MANET technology provides market leading performance and SWaP,” explained Mr. Sangster. “These systems offer unrivalled performance and strong immunity to jamming in contested environments, which are priorities for all militaries, including ours.”

Codan confirmed its acquisition of world-leading tactical comms solutions provider DTC on May 14th, which comprised an upfront cash payment of USD$88 million (approximately AUD$114 million).

Codan’s acquisition of DTC not only enables cutting-edge sovereign tactical communications capability but also overcomes the restrictions and risks associated with the ITAR agreements that currently govern the ADF’s tactical comm capability.

Codan is keen to display its products and services to military decision-makers at the 2021 Land Forces Exposition where it will be exhibiting for the first time as a full systems and solutions provider (HF, VHF, Interoperability, MANET, MIMO / MESH)

Codan has a global reputation for producing rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use HF communications solutions and we are committed to growing our reach and influence in our home country

Explained Mr. Sangster

Codan is co-exhibiting with DTC
(Stand #4C20)

Note to editors and journalist attending LFE 2021:
Paul Sangster is a speaker at the following LFE panel sessions on 1 June:

  • 1400 to 1445: C4 EDGE, Enhancing Capability through Collaboration
  • 1500 to 1550: Panel Session, The Future of Sovereign Capability

About Codan Communications
Codan Communications is a global technology company that develops robust technology solutions to solve customers’ communications, safety, security and productivity problems in some of the harshest environments around the world.

We provide tactical communications solutions that enable our customers to be connected, ultimately to support critical missions worldwide. With almost 60 years in the business, we have garnered a reputation for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, producing innovative and industry-leading technology solutions.

Codan Communications is a member of the Codan group of companies.

About Domo Tactical Communications
As announced in May 2021, Codan Limited (ASX: “CDA”) acquire all of the shares in US-based company, Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) from DTC Management Topco, LP, a Delaware limited partnership, being an entity controlled by Marlin Equity Partners.

DTC is the leading MIMO MESH provider in the world. DTC radio solutions provide short range high bandwidth communications suitable for the wireless transmission of video and other data applications. DTC is an established provider to customers including Military and Special Forces, Intelligence Agencies, Border Control and First Responders. DTC is headquartered in the US with locations in the UK and Denmark, with over 140 employees.

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