11 May 2021

Update re the Codan Limited Acquisition of Zetron, Inc.

We’re pleased to announce the acquisition of Zetron, Inc. by Codan Limited has been officially completed!

This means the merger of Zetron and the Critical Communications (LMR) business of Codan Communications, has begun and we’re very excited to finally introduce the new Zetron, a Codan Company.

This is great news for our collective customers, partners, and other organizations across the critical communications markets and communities we serve for a variety of reasons, but let’s start by sharing just three big ones:

  1. Common Identities – Zetron and Codan Communications are independently well recognized leaders in solution quality, interoperability, and “customer first” pedigree. With mutual shared strengths, there is absolutely zero risk of any of the core principles that have defined the historical success of the respective brands diminishing. Together, they will only grow stronger.
  2. Complementary Solutions – While operating in many of the same markets, Zetron and Codan Communications solutions have virtually no overlap. In fact, there are numerous points of synergy and integration that have already been field tested and proven to enable the solutions of one to enhance, strengthen, and/or extend the capabilities of solutions of the other. So the new integrated Zetron solutions portfolio will provide more value, functionality and flexibility to our customers.
  3. Innovation Inspired – No big fish swallowing a smaller fish in the same pond here. This strategic merger will funnel more investment, development and optimization into the full mission critical communications solutions continuum, while proliferating open standards, vendor-agnostic technology development, and ultimately, customer choice.

Just in case it went unnoticed, there is clearly a common theme. As we begin this new chapter of Zetron, our focus remains where it has always been, on our customers. While merging companies doesn’t happen overnight, we are committed to making the integration as seamless as possible for those who rely on us for their daily communications needs.

Aside from being extremely excited about what the future of this merger holds, the best thing we can offer now is our promise to continue delivering the same high levels of solution quality and customer experience that you’ve come to expect from us, so that’s exactly what we’ll do.

As we move through the merger we’ll provide updates on progress and communicate the many benefits we expect leveraging the collective strengths of these two businesses to provide. In the meantime, our objective is to make the integration painless and to feel like business as usual to our valued worldwide customers, partners and employees.

For more information about the acquisition/merger we invite you to read the new press release and updated FAQ . If you have comments or additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today or as we move forward through our integration process.

Thank You,

All of us at Zetron, a Codan Company


Press Release

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