Codan provides a wide range of antenna solutions suitable for the 2110 Series manpack, including tape whip, long wire and broadband dipole.

The 2110 Series antennas are suited to short or long range communications. They are quick and easy to deploy in the field and are durable and portable for reliable communications on the move.

Tape Whip:
Made from lightweight materials, the Whip Antennas are designed to be foldable or collapsible and easily stowed. They enable rapid set up and deployment. The shorter length Whip Antenna is more suitable for communications while on the move, while the longer length provides improved performance.

Long Wire:
With its 10 m (30’) length the Tactical Long Wire Antenna provides improved communications performance compared to the shorter Whip Antennas. The Long Wire Antenna has a suitable, tree-like structure, that can be deployed in a manner of minutes and enables operation between 1.6 MHz and 30 MHz.

Broadband Dipole:
Broadband Dipole Antenna achieves superior communications performance and is well suited to multi-frequency operation especially ALE.

Codan Hf Ant2110 Series Ptb
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