Codan has developed a complete range of easy-to-use mounting accessories for the 2110 Series Manpack Transceivers. Designed for quick, simple and convenient vehicle or base installation.

Codan's mounting accessories can be easily configured to suit your requirements and include;

Mounting cradle
Heavy duty docking cradle used to secure the 2110 series Manpack transceiver in a vehicle or base. Supplied with quick release latches and screw kit, the radio with battery pack attached can be quickly secured or removed for on-the-run operations.

Mounting cradle with expansion module
This mounting kit is only applicable to the 2110M Manpack transceiver. It includes a mounting cradle with a MIL-spec multi-port expansion module for connecting accessories such as PC for transceiver programming and data applications, antenna tuner control interface cable, 3031 Crosspatch and other accessories.

External DC backpanel and vehicle kit

A DC supply backpanel for the mounting cradle that provides DC connection for the transceiver directly to the vehicle battery. The vehicle kit comes with the backpanel, cables, screws, fuse and accessories. This option is recommended for vehicle installations or where mounting space is limited. An optional voltage regulator is available for operation in 24 / 26 V vehicles.

Codan Hf 2110Series Mounting Ptb
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