The 3020 Transceiver Supply provides a highly reliable power source for Codan Transceivers operating at high duty cycle in voice and data modes.

The transceiver supply operates over a wide range of mains supply voltages, and is fully auto-ranging between 100 and 240 V nominal.

It is designed to withstand the toughest conditions by providing input protection against input mains voltage fluctuations that may vary outside normal tolerances, as well as output protection from over-load and short circuits, as well as automatic shutdown for over and under-voltage conditions.

Codan Hf Power3020 Transup Ptb

Key Features

Rugged design

The 3020 transceiver supply is small and lightweight, and withstands the toughest conditions by offering input, output and thermal protection.

Continuous supply

The 3020 is capable of charging and maintaining an externally connected lead-acid battery. When used with a code 702 kit, this facility provides a continuous supply to the transceiver in the event of a mains failure.

Front-panel display

A Bi-Colour LED and green mains switch, mounted on the front panel, provides a clear indication of the 3020’s condition.

Low noise output

For best performance, HF transceivers require an extremely low noise power source so that receiver sensitivity is not degraded. The 3020 delivers less than 100 mV of ripple and noise.


  • General
  • Options
  • Input voltage Operates over:
    100–240 V AC ±10% (50/60 Hz)
  • Input VA 250 VA at 16 A DC output current
  • Output voltage 13.8 V DC
  • Output current 16 A DC continuous duty to 60°C ambient
    20 A DC peak speech
  • Cooling Fan forced air, thermally controlled
  • Size and weight 210 mm W x 230 mm D x 80 mm H; 1.9 kg
  • Regulation Less than 0.1 V DC over no-load through to full load conditions for full input voltage range
  • Mains connection Via IEC type socket at rear of unit
  • 2-module clamp suitable for locking 3020 with another unit of compatible mechanical design
  • Rack mounting frame (483 mm) for type 3020, iridescent black
  • Box suitable for housing storage battery
  • Cable kit for float charging lead-acid storage battery for uninterrupted supply

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.


How do I upgrade Envoy Firmware?

There are two ways to upgrade Envoy Firmware:

If upgrading firmware over a WAN ensure Firmware Upgrade Over WAN is selected in TPS Preferences;

How do I load a profile or key to my HF radio?

For 2110 Series Manpack radios, profiles are loaded using our NSP software, and a serial or USB to serial convertor cable to the transceiver. For Envoy, TPS software is used to create a profile. Profiles can then be loaded via USB cable, IP connection or via USB memory stick. Keys are loaded using either our KMS or KFS software on 2110 Series Manpack and Envoy HF transceivers. Keys can be loaded to Envoy and Sentry-H 6120-BM radios using a USB thumb drive and a USB host adaptor.

Do I need to update my HF radio’s firmware?

You don’t have to update your firmware, your radio will be fully operational without firmware updates. However, should Codan recommend a firmware update for any reason, the firmware upgrade can be easily completed using NSP / TPS software, or direct through USB stick (Envoy radio series). Firmware updates generally provide your radio with new capabilities, or may address software bug fixes.

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