The Codan 3032 Crosspatch is a simple and cost-effective solution to extend land mobile radio networks using the long distance capabilities of Codan HF radio.

The 3032 Crosspatch incorporates capabilities such as DTMF based control, voice announcements, and address based calling, to ensure that both HF and land mobile radio parties have a high level of operational awareness and control. Fully compatible with Codan’s state of the art HF digital voice capability, excellent end-to-end voice quality across the disparate radio networks is assured.

3032 Crosspatch

Key Features

Easy Installation

The compact form factor of the 3032 Crosspatch, and supplied snap-lock style mounting bracket, provides flexibility of positioning when installing, especially for vehicular scenarios.


The 3032 Crosspatch is fully compatible with Codan HF radio capabilities such as Selcall, 2G and 3G ALE, as well as latest generation Codan Digital Voice in both encrypted and nonencrypted modes, and for all supported Digital Voice vocoder rates.

Easy to use

The 3032 Crosspatch utilises over-the-air DTMF tones from a VHF / UHF radio to initiate preset or free form selective calls to remote HF stations and control key capabilities of the HF radio in the Crosspatch system such as digital voice vocoder rate, voice encryption state, and the channel for use.

Easy Configuration

All configuration and firmware upgrade duties for the 3032 Crosspatch are achieved using the Codan Crosspatch Programming Software (CPS) application which connects via the USB interface.


  • General
  • Radio connector type High density 15-way D connectors
  • HF radio interface signalling RS-232, TX/RX audio, PTT, DC input
  • V/UHF radio signalling RS-232, TX/RX audio (balanced/unbalanced), PTT, Squelch
  • Programming port Mini USB
  • Status indicator LED – multicolour
  • Supply voltage range 10V – 16 V DC
  • Power consumption < 50mA at 13.8V DC
  • Temperature range -30 + 60°C (operational), -40 + 85°C (storage)
  • Environmental MIL-STD-810G for Drop, Shock, and Vibration
  • Size 98.20 mm L x 81 mm W x 28 mm H
    (3.9 in L x 3.2 in W x 1.1 in H), without mounting bracket
    98.73 mm L x 91.88 mm W x 37.59 mm H
    (3.9 in L x 3.6 in W x 1.5 in H), with mounting bracket
  • Weight 191 g (0.42 lb), without mounting bracket
    237 g (0.52 lb), with mounting bracket
  • Radio compatibility HF radios: Codan Envoy X2, Sentry-H 6120-BM
    Codan tested V/UHF radios:
    · Motorola DM4600/DP4800e, Motorola MTM5400/MTP3550
    · Tait TM9400/TP9400
    · Codan MT4E, Codan 6150 VHF, Codan 6160 Soldier

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