Codan’s rugged 3160 is reliable and easy to use Power Amplifier, which can boost the 2110M transceiver RF power to 125 W.

Codan's 3160 auxiliary Power Amplifier boosts the RF output power of the Codan 2110M transceiver from 25 to 125 W. The amplifier is suitable for both vehicular and base station configurations, and provides reliable and efficient full duty cycle operation for all modes, including voice, data and frequency hopping.

It operates over the full 1.6 to 30 MHz HF band with a maximum power output of 125 W PEP. The amplifier is rated for 100% duty cycle for voice and data transmissions while providing excellent power efficiency, which can be especially important in battery operated configurations.

Control parameters of the amplifier have been kept to a minimum and these are readily available to an operator from the front panel of the 2110M transceiver. In the event of a “jerk and run” scenario, the 2110M transceiver may be removed from the 3160 based system without any need for adjustment of settings. In addition, if there is an amplifier RF fault, the system will automatically switch to bypass mode to ensure communications continue.

Codan Hf 2110M 3160Amplifymilitary Ptb

Key Features

High performance

Operates over the full 1.6 to 30 MHz HF band with a maximum power output of 125 W PEP.

MIL-STD-810G compliant

The 3160 enclosure and connectors are fully waterproof and an optional shock mount plate is offered for installations where extremely high levels of vibrations may be encountered.

Fault protection

A comprehensive range of fault protection capability has been built in to the design of the amplifier including; over temperature, over voltage, reverse polarity, and antenna load fault conditions

System integration

The 3160 PA is effectively “plug and play” when used with the 2110M transceiver with the control parameters of the amplifier kept to a minimum.


  • General
  • Frequency range Transmit: 1.6 to 30 MHz
  • Power output 125 W (100 W Option) PEP reducing with frequency to 95 W PEP at 30 MHz ±1 dB
    CW or single tone: approximately 60% of PEP with average PEP control (average control disabled on handset PTT)
  • Spurious and harmonic emissions Better than 60 dB below PEP
  • Intermodulation 125/100 W: 26 dB below each tone 32 dB below PEP
  • RF input/output impedance 50 Ω nominal (N-type)
  • Duty cycle (100%) Normal speech over full temperature range. All data modes up to maximum ambient temperature of 45°C (113°F) with optional fan.
  • Supply voltage 13.6 V DC nominal, negative earth
    Normal operating range: 10.8 to 15 V DC, reverse polarity protected
  • Overvoltage protection Shuts down at 16 V DC nominal for duration of over voltage
  • Supply current Output power: 125 W or 100 W
    Two-tone or CW: 9 to 17 A
    Receive: 65 mA
  • Load protection Safe under all load conditions
  • Temperature –40 to +70°C, full spec –30 to +60°C
  • Environment MIL-STD-810F: Immersion, Low Pressure, Rain, Humidity, Fungus, Salt, Fog, Sand & Dust, Vibration, Shock
  • Cooling Convection or fan
  • Size Power Amplifier (PA): 285mm W x 172 mm D x 77 mm H
    PA with fan: 285 mm W x 172 mm D x 102 mm H
  • Weight PA: 2.4 kg
    Fan: 0.24 kg
    PA mounting bracket: 0.4 kg

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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