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Codan's Software Defined Radios deliver reliable, clear, trouble free voice, messaging and data communications, without dependence on existing infrastructure.

No matter what your communication scenario, Codan has you covered with field-proven, scalable and reliable mobile and base station solutions. The Software Defined Radios provides a rich set of digital voice and encryption options, while enabling the delivery of new capabilities to the radio through software upgrades – so you’ll always have access to tomorrow’s features today.

Codan provides a wide range of mounting options, antennas and related accessories suitable for base and mobile applications, so we can help you build a custom solution which meets your needs.

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Codan Hf Envoy Transceiver Pld


Envoy sets a new standard for HF radio – with second generation digital voice, software upgradability, remote IP control, multi-language User Interface and embedded modems options.

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Codan Hf Sentryh Transceiver Pld

Sentry-H 6120-BM

Sentry-H 6120-BM delivers 150 W of RF power without the added cost, weight and complexity typically found with a multi-role manpack radio design.

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