The ENCIPHER is a dual HD video encoder designed for live video streaming and surveillance applications.

The small, robust unit is able to encode up to two simultaneous H.264 HD video streams combining low delay, high quality broadcast capabilities with a range of extra features such as composite video, Power over Ethernet (PoE), PTZ camera control, motion triggering, integration with 3G/4G cellular infrastructure and more.

The encoder can operate in a variety of transmission bandwidths, from 100kbps to 50Mbps, allowing the user to configure the system according to the application requirements.

Encipher front acute block transparent

Sample Configuration for a Range of Requirements and Use Cases

The ENCIPHER is an IP encoder that offers simple and affordable entry into the surveillance market, and is adaptable to any operation whenever the size and scope. It brings dual channel capabilities into one small, robust device that can be quickly deployed and futhermore, offers software selectable audio source, embedded or analogue audio, for each encoder channel. Connecting the ENCIPHER to IP network infrastructure allows H.264 quality streaming at transmission bandwidths from 100kbps to 50Mbps with variable bitrate encoding.

Adaptive Bitrate

The Encipher is able to operate between 100kbps and 50Mbps, making it usable with a various IP egress communication links including 3G and 4G LTE.

3rd Party VMS

With full ONVIF S support, Encipher can stream video directly into Video Management Systems such as Milestone, Airship, Genetec and more.

Multi Role

Twelve separate AV, network, USB and power interface connections covering analogue & embedded audio, HDMI, RJ45, USB hosting, PoE and more, alongside single RS485 or twin RS232 PTZ camera control ports mean that the Encipher can be used for a wide range of functions and use cases in one single hardware format.


  • General
  • Network
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Data / Control
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Power Output 9-16VDC reverse polarity protected
  • COMSEC ABS 32 bit as standard,
    AES128 encryption (option),
    AES256 encryption (option)
  • Stream Format MPEG transport stream
  • Video Elementary stream (RTSP only)
  • Maximum Bitrate 50Mbps per channel
  • Protocols UDP/RTSP (RTP) unicast & multicast
  • Input Interfaces Dual 3.5mm stereo jacks
  • Encoder MPEG Layer l (32-448kbps),
    MPEG Layer ll (32-384kbps),
    MPEG Layer lll (32-320kbps),
    AAC (32-256kbps),
    G711 (64kbps only),
    G.726 (32kbps analogue audio only)
  • Video Compression H.264
  • Digital Sample Rate 48KHz
  • Analogue Sample Rate 8KHz (G.726 only),
    16KHz, 22.05KHz,
    24kHz, 32KHz,
  • Encoding HD-SDi / composite / HDMI
  • Coding Mode H.264 SD or HD
  • Composite Video Format PAL/NTSC
  • Digital Inputs 1920x1080i 60/59.94/50Hz,
    1920x1080p 30/29.97/25/24/23.97Hz,
    1920x1080psf 30/29.97/25/24/23.97Hz,
    1280x720p 60/59.94/50Hz,
    720x576i 50Hz,
    720x480i 59.94Hz
  • HD-SDI Video 720p 50/59/60,
    1080i 50/59/60,
    1080p 23/24/25/29/30,
    1080psf 23/24/25/29/30
  • Ethernet (Web Interface) 10/100/1000 Base-T
  • Camera Control Switchable DC output (max 1A) 1 x RS-485 multi-drop for control of up to 32 cameras or 2 x RS-232
  • Size L 95mm, W 125mm, H 26mm
  • Weight 260g
  • Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C with cooling
  • Power Consumption SD encoding 4W typical,
    HD encoding 6W typical

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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