Tough, dependable transportable infrastructure for every deployment situation.

Bring reliable communication capability into the field wherever and whenever you need it with an ET Series transportable repeater or base station. The ET Series integrates Codan MT-4E low current P25/analog LMR infrastructure into a full range of transportable cases and enclosures of varying size and features. The end result is a rapidly deployable option for any communication situation.

The Codan ET Series transportable is one of the very few transportable/deployable products that integrates infrastructure-grade equipment into an engineered deployable solution, rather than mobile or subscriber equipment that is simply re-purposed or repackaged.

Codan Lmr Et 4 Ptb

A Full Range of Solutions

With the ET Series and Codan Stratus offerings, Codan has a transportable kit for any deployment scenario - from tactical and undercover situations, to wildfire and extreme weather operations. Portable solar, battery and antenna mast kits can be added to any transportable for a complete deployable solution.


Durable and Rugged

ET Series equipment field proven to be resilient against weather and operational stress.

Infrastructure Grade

True, infrastructure-grade MT-4E Series equipment at the heart of every ET Series transportable means higher performance and more robust functionality.

Modular and Customizable

ET-1, ET-3 and ET-4 enclosures incorporate the modular MT-4E 19” rack system, allowing for quick replacement of components for service or reconfiguration. The ET-6 tactical repeater accommodates quick-swap duplexers for in-field channel modification.


The industry leading current draw specifications of the MT-4E Series that forms the basis of every ET Series transportable ensures in-field operation for extended periods of time.

Open Standard Compliant

The MT-4E Series has been designed with full compliance to industry standards such as TIA and APCO P25, allowing for interoperability with other compliant third party products.

Full Encryption Capability

All ET Series repeaters support the transparent passing of AES-256 encrypted traffic; encryption/decryption options available for base station operation.

3-Year Standard Warranty

All ET Series transportables are backed by Codan’s comprehensive 3-year standard warranty.

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