Codan Communications is the industry leader in providing real-world solutions for combining the power of LTE cellular with the reliability of traditional LMR systems.

With the introduction of the Codan Stratus P25/LTE hybrid solution, we pioneered a practical approach in which both technologies can be leveraged to meet the mission-critical communication needs of today, with the feature-rich advanced capabilities of tomorrow.

We continue to be a thought-leader in this space by expanding our products to meet the real-world needs of radio communication users.

As the LMR communications industry moves into the era of cellular-based technology, we are committed to stay one step ahead, while never losing sight of the need for our customers to have a communications system that they can trust.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Stratus Repeater Pld


The Stratus™ is the first P25/LTE hybrid solution that leverages the strengths of both technologies in a transportable package to provide secure mobile and fixed voice networks.

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