Paging provides instantaneous communication to large groups of users, ensuring that important messages are received by everyone when it matters most.

A paging system is the perfect solution for emergency communications to ensure all first responders receive instantaneous and reliable information.

Codan offers three types of paging systems to meet your specific needs, including base station paging, simulcast paging and remote paging systems.

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Base Station Paging

Base station paging is the simplest configuration with the paging encoder connected to the Codan radio for broadcast over the local coverage area.

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A remotely controlled paging transmitter can be connected to a Codan receiver for greater coverage. The paging encoder generates the desired analog or digital formats, which are transmitted to a remote paging site through a radio link.

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Simulcast paging allows for a paging message to be sent from multiple base stations to all receiver units in a multiple coverage area simultaneously, compensating for coverage overlap and delay.

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The paging modulator adapts an MT-4E system for use with paging controllers supporting analog and digital paging formats, such as FLEX or POCSAG. It is a key element for applications that require high stability frequency and/or timing.

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