The Codan 10m Premium Mast is a lightweight and robust mast that is suitable for both permanent and semi-permanent installations.

The 10 m Premium mast can support a variety of HF wire antennas and be quickly deployed by a two-person crew.

The mast has been designed with ease of installation in mind. The top 3 guys have rope tails and rope cleats included to enable quick and easy securing of the mast when first raised to vertical position. This unique feature ensures installation of the mast can be safely carried out by two persons and makes securing of the cable clamps and fine tuning of turnbuckle tension straight forward. In addition, the provision of all special tools required for installation as part of the standard mast kit, helps to ensure trouble free process.

Codan Hf Mast10Mpremium Ptb

Key Features


Supports many different antenna types including high power 1000 W broadband antennas that are often required in HF networks.


Packed weight of 22 kg and small form factor means it can be easily transported by air for rapid deployment missions.

Simple installation

Rope tails and cleats included to enable quick and easy securing of the mast when first raised to vertical position.

Cost Effective

Designed as a cost effective solution for base stations.


  • General
  • Compatible Codan Antennas
  • Installed height 10 metres (33 ft)
  • Number of guys 2 sets with 3 guy wires (terminated on guy discs)
  • Number of backstays 1 (terminated on guy disc)
  • Guy radius Minimum 5 m (16 ft)
  • Maximum wind speed 144 km/h (90 mph) in clear air as a standalone mast, subject to anchoring method
  • Packed weight 22 kg – including tools (49 lbs)
  • Mast weight 18.5 kg – including star pickets (41 lbs)
  • Packed dimensions 213 x 37 x 15 cm (7 x 1.2 x 0.5 ft)
  • Mast material Lightweight aluminium
  • Guy material Stainless steel wire rope with rope tails and cleats for top guy set
  • Installation hardware kit contents 3 x star pickets, 7 x turnbuckles, 7 x `D’ shackles, 4 x tent pegs, 1 x hammer, 5 x TEK screws, 14 x wire rope grips, 1 x 8 mm hex head nut driver and 1 x conductive grease
  • Mast finish Raw aluminium or painted black
  • 25W Manpack 15-00456 Broadband Dipole
    15-00455 Wire Dipole
    15-00457 Dipole and Broadband Kit
    15-00454 Long Wire
    15-00458 End-fed Broadband
  • Base Antennas (150W PEP) 78-01012 Semi-delta (125 W PEP)
    78-01246 Semi-delta (1000 W PEP)
    15-00411 TFD411 (all variants)
    15-00403 Tuned long wire

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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