Codan’s 10m Transportable Mast is designed for tactical use where rapid deployment and ease of transportation is important.

The mast is fully compatible with the Codan 125 W Tactical 411 Broadband antenna and can also be used with the Codan portable Manpack (25 W) antennas. The high tensile aluminum tubing and rope guy sets provides a lightweight but robust support for tactical antenna deployments. All metal parts, including the mast tube sections are blackened to reduce visual detection.

The mast components are packaged in a durable canvas carry bag for storage and transportation. The mast has an overall weight of approximately 15 kg and packed length of 1.3 m, and easily accommodated by mechanized transportation.

Deployment of the 10 m mast is a simple task of securing the guy anchor stakes and the mast base and then fitting the guys sets at the mid and upper level mast sections. The mast can then be erected and the guy ropes secured using the quick release tensioning shuttles. A rope halyard and pulley is provided for raising and lowering antennas.

Codan Hf Masttransportablemast10M Ptb


  • General
  • Compatible Codan Antennas
  • Installed height 10 m
  • Guy radius 5 m
  • Mast weight 14.25 kg
  • Packed weight 15.5 kg
  • Packed length 1300 mm
  • Maximum head load 12 kg
  • Maximum wind speed 110 km/hr, no ice, subject to anchoring method and erected as per installation instructions
  • Low temperature (operational) –30°C
  • High temperature (operational) +60°C
  • Mast material Blackened high tensile aluminium
  • Guy material 4 mm polyester fibre
  • 25 W Tactical Antennas (Manpack) 15-00454 Long Wire
    15-00458 End-fed Broadband
    15-00456 Broadband Dipole
    15-00455 Wire Dipole
    15-00457 Dipole and Broadband Kit
  • 125 W Tactical Antennas 78-01259 TAC 411 Broadband

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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