The deployment of the 3591 CES-128 Voice Encryptor enables commanders to bridge the interoperability gap between multiple vendor fielded radio networks.

Codan's 3591 CES-128 Voice Encryptor provides communications security through use of a proprietary 128-bit encryption algorithm. The unit’s compact size supports multiple deployment scenarios from manpack to mobile to base platforms.

It features a simple, intuitive 6-button interface for control of volume, encryption key and Secure/Clear Status. Key programming is achieved using Codan’s standard KMS (Key Management Software) or KFS (Key Fill Software), as used with Codan’s transceivers.

Codan Hf Encrypt 3591 Ptb


  • General
  • Operational Modes Off/Clear/Secure
    Remote control capability
  • Display White back-lit
  • Audio interface Low level: Input 1 to 200 mV P-P, unbalanced; Output 0 to 5 V P-P, unbalanced
    Line level (600 Ω): Input 10 mV to 2 V P-P, balanced; Output 0 to 5 V P-P, balanced
    Passband: 300 to 2700 Hz
    Frequency Offset: ±100 Hz Maximum
  • Transceiver interface Input 10 mV to 30 V P-P balanced, Output 10 mV to 5 V P-P balanced
  • Supply voltage 10 to 36 V DC (12/28 V DC nominal)
  • Supply current 50 mA @ 13.8 V DC typical, Secure mode
  • Temperature –30°C to +60°C
  • Environmental Designed to MIL-STD-810G for immersion (1 m), shock, vibration, blowing dust, salt fog, humidity and drop
  • Dimensions Non-flanged version: 174 mm W × 81 mm D × 40 mm H
    Flanged version: 174 mm W × 99 mm D × 40 mm H
  • Weight 0.6 kg

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