Codan Cyclone is the industry’s first drop-in replacement for legacy third party products.

The first drop-in replacement for the legacy third party products supports the v.24 interface with existing conventional core radio repeaters and base stations.The Cyclone fully supports the P25 DFSI interface for future migration to a standards-based network and backhaul over Ethernet, reducing the need for costly leased lines and T1 connections.

Legacy repeaters and base stations, including legacy third party products can be replaced one by one, making for an easy, gradual transition that keeps your existing communications system intact and operational while older equipment is phased-out. Replacing legacy equipment with Codan Cyclone units is a cost-effective and non-disruptive alternative to complete system replacement.

Codan Lmr Cyclone Ptb

IP Networking Flexibility

Transitioning to a P25 DFSI compliant IP backhaul eliminates the need for expensive T1 circuits or leased lines, since these are the only viable backhaul technologies for v.24 and wireline interfaces. IP networking is inexpensive, increasingly available and provides enhanced security capabilities, allowing for site location anywhere there is an IP connection.

Likewise, the backhaul itself can transition gradually; leased lines can continue to be used initially, but when the majority of the stations in the network are replaced by P25 DFSI compliant Cyclone repeaters, the integrated RIC-Mz units can be physically moved to the central hub, and an IP network connection can be established in place of the leased lines.


Legacy Product Replacement

Replacing a legacy third party product with a Codan Cyclone is simply a matter of disconnecting and removing the old unit, and connecting the Cyclone in its place. An obsolete station can be replaced with an operation that takes a few minutes to complete.

Converts V.24 Network to P25 Industry Standard

In addition to interfacing with existing proprietary equipment, the Cyclone is also fully interoperable with P25 DFSI compliant stations and consoles, allowing for easy migration to an open, non-proprietary IP-based network due to the integrated RIC-Mz module technology.

Proven Rugged Design

Based on Codan’s proven existing MT-4E technology, the Cyclone has the durability to survive in the harshest environmental conditions.

Native IP Backhaul

Built-in Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) enables open standards based migration of other network elements, such as consoles.

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