Base station radios are used to communicate between a dispatch/command center and mobile or portable equipped radio users in the field. Codan base station radios can be configured for a variety of applications.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Mt4E Rep Pld

MT-4E Series

Codan’s trusted cornerstone LMR infrastructure platform delivers industry-leading reliability, flexibility and performance.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Cascade Full Pld


Codan’s latest LMR infrastructure platform provides next generation IP-based features combined with our legendary reliability and performance.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Stratus Repeater Pld


The Stratus™ is the first P25/LTE hybrid solution that leverages the strengths of both technologies in a transportable package to provide secure mobile and fixed voice networks.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Cyclone Pld


Codan Cyclone is the industry’s first drop-in replacement for legacy third party products which supports the v.24 interface into existing conventional core radio repeaters and base stations.

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A 30W MT-4E base station/repeater integrated into a compact polyethylene case featuring on-board controls and quick swap duplexers (or antenna relay).

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Simple cross-functional communication is achieved by combining range-extending local repeat functionality for field users with a remote simplex link to a dispatch center or another radio site. Adding a multi-link controller allows for customizable routing and RF networking of multiple sites.

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With the addition of a Voice over IP (VoIP) adaptor or control card to our standard base station, you can key the transmitter, monitor and send audio, as well as change channels remotely from your IP console.

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Radio-Over-IP connectivity to a remotely located repeater or base station from a P25 DFSI compliant console provides a robust and cost effective means of providing dispatch and command communications to remote field users.

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Base Station infrastructure located remotely, incorporating tone remote or E&M circuit connected to a remote console via leased lines, providing off-site monitoring and control.

Codan offers a solution configured as a base station and P25 repeater system capable of operating in analog, P25 digital or mixed mode. P25 repeater radio modules are connected to an analog tone remote adapter via a base control card.

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