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Phase 5 is the latest generation of DTC's NETNode IP Mesh Radio family offering built-in dual HD video encoders and MIMO capability for our highest ever data capacities.

The NETNode 5RM is a Robust Mobile variant which offers an alternative form factor to its sister, the NETNode Phase 5 Robust, but being smaller allows a wider variety of applications. The 5RM is ideal for extended outdoor deployment and feature rich with new additions including built in GPS receiver and both composite and SDI video inputs comparable to the previous Phase 3 and 4 Robust products. Interoperable with DTC’s Phase 3, 4 and 5 Mesh allowing simple upgrade in the field, while adding flexibility and ease of use as nodes can be integrated into existing infrastructure, reducing cost and making it easy to expand any network.

NET Node2x2 W 5 RM for web 01


  • Features and Benefits
  • Self-forming, self-healing mesh architecture
  • Ideal for use for wide area coverage & multi-hop, mobile applications such as robotics
  • Low latency IP communication
  • HD video encoder - data capacity of greater than 32Mbps of IP data possible
  • Built in composite video encoder
  • Built in GPS receiver
  • Software configurable RF bandwidth between 1.25MHz and 20MHz
  • Interlink mode for enhanced capability and large scale systems
  • 64Gb of on-board storage with store & forward functionality
  • Built in encryption (DES as standard, AES128/256 available subject to export control)
  • Mission Commander compatible

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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The majority of Codan radios are designed for 12 V DC nominal operation, with relatively low power consumption. This allows direct operation from vehicular, storage battery or solar sources. We also supply adaptors and mains power supplies allowing operation from wide-range DC inputs, or universal (100-240 V AC nominal) mains. Our high power amplifiers require mains power to operate.

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