Codan Communications offers both native and add-on remote site monitoring options, providing live site data and logging capability for predictive trending. These capabilities allow you to respond to critical communication emergencies, or prevent them form happening altogether.

Codan Communications systems allow for robust remote monitoring capabilities which provides real-time input and historical data that is invaluable in the maintenance and operation of any critical communications system.

Remote site monitoring packages can be added to any MT-4E repeater or base station, providing remote access to MT-4E digital and analog signals and controls. Options include IP-based monitoring, or radio-link-based monitoring for remote, low-current installations.

The Codan Cascade provides built-in IP-based remote system monitoring, as well as an extensive suite or remote configuration, logging and alarming features.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Mt4E Rep Pld

MT-4E Series

Codan’s trusted cornerstone LMR infrastructure platform delivers industry-leading reliability, flexibility and performance.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Cascade Full Pld


Codan’s latest LMR infrastructure platform provides next generation IP-based features combined with our legendary reliability and performance.

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The Summit is a powerful monitoring and control platform that offers highly scalable architecture. The Summit operates over Ethernet backhaul and can be sent over fiber, digital microwave, cellular (fixed Stratus infrastructure), or other IP solutions.

The SiteCommander is a low power, temperature-rated device that provides site monitoring and control at remote sites. It is ideal in applications using RF links as the communications backhaul. When a site status check is required, an operator initiates a call to a central base station site.

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