Codan’s trusted cornerstone LMR infrastructure platform delivers industry-leading reliability, flexibility and performance.

MT-4E Series products can be found at thousands of radio sites working as standalone repeaters/base stations, or operating as a whole network of communications infrastructure, providing coverage into the most challenging terrains.

The MT-4E is tough and reliable. From freezing mountain peaks to scorching deserts, from snowstorms to wildfires, the MT-4E Series has time and again pushed the limits of what radio communications infrastructure can do under extreme conditions, ensuring problem-free operation when it counts.

Codan Lmr Mt4E Ptb

Customizable and Interoperable

The modular design of the MT-4E Series allows the product to be configured and customized into almost any conventional radio configuration or architecture, which provides a variety of creative solutions to communication challenges, whether they be simple or complex. Codan's commitment to standards-based, vendor-neutral operation means that you will never be locked into functionality-limiting or costly single vendor solutions.


The Codan MT-4E is our flagship series designed with a focus on the key values that have made it the top choice of radio communications professionals.


Industry leading specifications for current draw mean that the MT-4E Series is the ideal solution for DC-powered sites, particularly those in remote areas relying on solar power.


The MT-4E is field proven to perform in environmentally harsh deployment conditions.

Modular and Customizable

The MT-4E product consists of hot-swap capable RF and control modules that are arranged in 19” rack-mount housing to create a multitude of different repeater and base station system configurations to suit any communications need.

Advanced System Solutions

The flexible nature of the MT-4E platform supports integration with advanced control technology, allowing this dependable platform to support conventional voting and simulcast, as well as trunked applications.

Open Standard Compliant

The MT-4E Series has been designed with full compliance to industry standards such as APCO P25 and various TIA published standards, allowing for interoperability with other compliant third party products.

3-Year Standard Warranty

The MT-4E Series is backed by Codan’s comprehensive 3-year standard warranty, providing unrivaled customer support.

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