The Semi-Delta Antenna is an economical broadband base station antenna suitable for short to medium distance HF communications.

Codan's Semi-Delta Antenna supports operation over the frequency range of 2 to 14 MHz, and is capable of full duty cycle voice and data operation at the rated power levels. The antenna is an omni-directional antenna but has a good combination of high and low angle radiation to support both NVIS and longer distance HF communications. The broadband design of the antenna eliminates the need for a separate antenna tuner unit, the antenna is connected to the transceiver via a single coaxial cable. Manufactured using materials designed for long service life, the Semi-delta is built to survive in harsh outdoor environments.

The compact design of the antenna makes it suitable for installations that have limited space available.

Codan Hf Ant Semidelta Ptb


  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Frequency Range 2 to 14 MHz
  • Power rating 400 W PEP (240 W average) or 1000 W (600 W average)
  • Nominal impedance 50 Ω
  • VSWR Typically < 2.5:1
  • RF connector type UHF-type (400 W), N-type (1000 W)
  • Mast heights 15 m mast and 1.5 to 2 m stub mast
  • Mast spacing 20 m
  • Balun mounting 2 x U-bolts to suit 50 mm diameter tube
  • Wind rating 160 km/hr, no ice
  • Packed weight 8 kg (400 W), 11 kg (1000 W)
  • Packed dimensions 880 mm x 340 mm x 100 mm (excluding mast hardware)
  • Installation hardware Pulley/halyard suitable for a 15 m mast

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