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DTC's BluCore OEM is a ruggedized, miniature Software Defined Radio transceiver, designed specifically for size and weight critical UxV applications and is particularly suitable for small drone platforms.

Based around DTC's game-changing SOL8SDR architecture and offering a full 2x100mW of output power, BluCore OEM provides access to a wide range of IP Mesh and unidirectional COFDM waveforms, including DTC's latest MeshUltra. With two USB interfaces capable of supporting USB cameras and headsets as well as Wi-Fi, cellular and Ethernet dongles, BluCore can also be connected to a range of host devices using RNDIS "Ethernet over USB" connectivity.

SOL8 SDR M for web 01


  • Features and Benefits
  • 2x100mW COFDM transceivers
  • Growing USB support for peripherals such as 3G/4G/Wi-Fi dongles
  • 128GB built-in storage
  • RNDIS support for Ethernet over USB
  • Compact packaging with ultraminiature connectors
  • Very low power consumption: typically 3W
  • Exceptionally small size: 54mm x 50mm x 11mm
  • Weighs only 60g

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

I need to return equipment for repair or assessment. What do I need to do in order to send the equipment back?

While Codan products are known for their extraordinarily high level of reliability, if you should encounter any problems, please contact Codan or visit our Support page.

Please email: and include:

  • Your name and contact number
  • Return shipment address
  • Model and serial number
  • What the product issue is

To return LMR equipment to Codan Communications in Canada, the Codan service department must first issue an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number to you. This RMA number needs to be written on the outside of the box when returned. For further instruction on RMA, visit our Technical Support webpage.

Are there sources online for more information about your products?

All our products are featured on the website with datasheets and brochures where relevant. In addition, we have a Resource Library which contains datasheets, technical notes, brochures and other product information. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact your local Codan Support centre.

Who do I contact for service and support?

Codan has accredited service centres worldwide. For contact information, please visit our Support page.

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