The SDR-M is an ultra-light, ultra-compact software defined IP mesh radio, composed of an enclosed single board.

Refining the success of DTC's small-form factor SDRs, the SDR-M is SDR-C small-form factor SDR, the SDR-M is employable both as an integrated component part of UxVs and larger systems, and as a standalone radio used in primarily body-worn concealment scenarios.

Weighing just 60g, consuming only 3W of input power but delivering 200mW of output power, the SDR-M is ideal for size and weight critical UxV applications, offering the SWaP of a bare-board solution but housed in a practical, robust enclosure.

The SDR-M is available in OEM (bare board) format for platform integration as the D196x OEM board.

SOL8 SDR M for web 01

High Tech Simplicity

The SDR-M combines DTC's most cutting-edge technology, including the MeshUltra-XTM waveform allowing 144 nodes to operate in just 1.25MHz of bandwidth, with the practicality of a simple board self-contained solution.

Feature Rich

The SDR-M contains DTC’s most advanced performance features including the MeshUltra-XTM high capacity in narrowband waveform and the cognitive IAS (Interference Avoidance Scheme).

Ultra Compact

Completely self-contained in dimensions of just 54mm x 50mm and weighing only 60g, the SDR-M has been designed for compatibility to even the most demanding of integration and installation requirements. High-strength horizontal mounting points with no external protrusions combined with top and bottom equidistant vertical connectors make installation of the SDR-M as space-efficient as possible.

Unmanned diagram

Designed for Efficiency

The SDR-M has a wide input voltage range of 6 to 18V and consumes just 3W of power even in IP mesh mode, ideal for extended battery life in body-worn applications and for power-critical unmanned vehicle requirements.


  • General
  • Transmitter / Receiver
  • Audio / Data
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Frequency Range 120170 1.20–1.75GHz,
    167235 1.67-2.35GHz,
    210250 2.10-2.50GHz
  • Power Output 400mW L-band, 200mW S-band
  • Power Input 6-18VDC (12V nominal) via 4-way Molex connector,
    3W typical power consumption
  • COMSEC DES encryption (standard),
    AES128 encryption (option),
    AES256 encryption (option)
  • RF Interfaces 2x MMCX (2xTX / RX)
  • Power 200mW per output (L-band only),
    100mW (+20dBm) per output, 200mW total
  • Bandwidth 1.25 – 20MHz
  • Carrier Modulation BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM adaptive
  • Modulation COFDM 360 carrier modulation
  • Tuning Step 125kHz
  • USB1 Control and Download 5-way 1mm JST connector
  • USB2 Control and Download 5-way 1mm JST connector
  • GPIO 6-way 1mm JST connector
  • Size (L & L/S Band) 54mm x 55mm x 11mm
  • Weight (L & L/S Band) 62g
  • Size (S Band) 54mm x 50mm x 11mm
  • Weight (S Band) 60g
  • Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C with additional cooling
  • Humidity Less than 85% non-condensing

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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