The NanoVue HD is a software defined mesh transceiver incorporating a toughened HD screen in an enclosed battery-powered hand-portable unit.

Housed in a compact waterproof enclosure, with 3 hours of battery life and able to operate from a mains source, the NanoVue HD is ideal for quick deployment and mobile operations in both tactical and commercial scenarios.

The on-screen display provides the user with key RF performance information in real-time. A magnetic joystick and button interface allows the user to control device parameters as well as camera and transmitter settings.

Able to operate both as a mesh node transceiver as well as a unidirectional transmitter or receiver, the NanoVue HD includes a separate narrowband telemetry link for remote device control.

256GB of internal solid state memory ensures video streams can be recorded for archive and export.


  • General
  • Transmitter / Receiver
  • Video / Audio / Data
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Frequency Range (2x2W) 132086 1.14-1.50GHz + 868MHz tel.
    132091 1.14-1.50GHz + 915MHz tel.
    201086 1.67-2.35GHz + 868MHz tel.
    201091 1.67-2.35GHz + 915MHz tel.
    234086 1.98-2.70GHz + 868MHz tel.
    234091 1.98-2.70GHz + 915MHz tel.
    470086 4.40-5.00GHz + 868MHz tel.
    470091 4.40-5.00GHz + 915MHz tel.
    575086 5.50-6.00GHz + 868MHz tel.
    575091 5.50-6.00GHz + 915MHz tel.
  • RF Power Output 2x100mW
  • Power Input 8-18VDC reverse polarity protected
  • COMSEC DES encryption (standard),
    AES128 encryption (option),
    AES256 encryption (option)
  • RF Output Power 100mW per output, 200mW total
  • Power Step 0.25dB incremental control
  • Tuning Step 125KHz
  • Sensitivity SDR receiver up to -110dBm, telemetry receiver -114dBm
  • Streaming Output Single service (first received)
  • Video Interface HDMI
  • Video Decoding H.264 & MJPEG
  • Analogue Audio Output EXT-B Fischer
  • Data Configuration 1k2 – 115k2, 7/8 it, no/odd/even parity
  • Data Interface RS232,
  • Size L100mm x W190mm x D42mm
  • Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C
  • Environmental Protection IP67
  • Battery Capacity 3.35Ah
  • Battery Run Time >2 hours continual use

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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