Codan voting and simulcast solutions provide an elegant and cost-effective way to maximize radio coverage while improving user experience and minimizing frequency allocation requirements.

The voting and simulcast technology in Codan systems can be used separately or in concert to eliminate gaps in poor or non-existent coverage zones.

Voting provides roaming-style infill talk-in coverage that ensures that the best transmission is always received, while simulcast uses multiple transmitters to transmit over the same frequency to provide overlapping talk-out coverage areas that fill in communication gaps.

Combined with professional system design, integration and support services, a Codan voting and simulcast solution ensures that you will always be heard, loud and clear.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Cascade Full Pld


Codan’s latest LMR infrastructure platform provides next generation IP-based features combined with our legendary reliability and performance.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Mt4E Rep Pld

MT-4E Series

Codan’s trusted cornerstone LMR infrastructure platform delivers industry-leading reliability, flexibility and performance.

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