North America

Remote Land Management Radio System Covers Millions of Miles Across North America

Across North America, there are many remote areas (parks, forests, recreation areas) that require year-round communications to support their operations. Through the four seasons, there are varying climates with fluctuating temperatures, humidity and weather. Severe, unpredictable and often harsh weather conditions can lead to serious challenges providing communications, especially where there is no supporting infrastructure.

Codan has sold over 2,500 radio systems that are installed in remote, solar-powered sites. The Codan mountain top radio product line has a reliable legacy of operating in these locations for over 30 years. We are able to provide high-reliability coverage 24/7 with extremely low-maintenance costs, current consumption and longevity. The MT-4E product line is designed and built specifically to handle harsh environmental conditions.

Sometimes disasters and emergencies happen in remote locations – forest fires, landslides, floods and other natural disasters, and radio coverage could be lacking in these areas. You need a rugged, transportable radio system to provide critical communications to first responders. With a selection of transportable cases and systems, you can quickly and effectively deploy a radio system as required. Sealed, protective casing for all-weather deployment from snow(-30°C/-22°F) to deserts (+60°C/140°F). From extreme humidity to severe droughts, Codan has you covered.

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