Codan’s FLYK-125 a transportable ready to deploy mobile or base station HF communication system based on the Codan Envoy software defined radio (SDR). It is designed as a portable self-contained HF secure voice and data communications system housed in a rugged airline compatible case.

The FLYK-125 is a rugged, compact and powerful long-range voice and data radio communications system that ensures maximum mobility and quick deployment while also being easy to carry and store. The FLYK-125 has been carefully designed to meet international airline regulations for checked in luggage. With its compact form factor and full Codan SDR Envoy capability set the FLYK-125 provides continuous reliable communication in a wide range of rapid deploy base and mobile applications.

The FLYK-125 is fully self contained and operates from a wide range of AC mains voltages, external DC input or internal back up battery providing short term operation while the AC mains / external DC power sources are unavailable.

Low battery voltage cutoff protection circuit included to ensure battery longevity and continued performance.

FLYK 125


  • HF Radio Specifications
  • General Specifications
  • Channels and scanning Up to 1000 simplex or semi-duplex. Up to 20 scan groups. Simultaneous scanning for Selcall
    (ALE / CCIR) and voice. Dwell time 125 ms to 9.9 s, adjustable
  • Contact list Up to 500 entries
  • Compliance CE, FCC, IC, AS / NZS 4770:2000, AS/NZS4355:2006
  • Frequency range transmit 1.6 to 30 MHz Receive: 250 kHz to 30 MHz Frequency Stability: ±0.3 ppm from –30°C to +60°C
  • Modes Single Sideband USB, LSB (J3E), AM (H3E), CW (J2A), AFSK (J2B), FSK (F1B), Software
    Independent sideband ISB (B7W, B8W & B9W)
  • RF output power 125 W PEP ±1 dB (two-tone or voice), user-programmable
  • Interfaces Dual USB-A charge port
    Serial RS232 (6-pin Molex, supports GPS Receiver or transceiver control/data)
    Auxiliary GPIO (15-pin D, audio in/out, PTT, RS232)
    External DC input (2 pin Anderson SB50)
    Solar panel Input (2-pin Anderson Powerpole)
    RF input output (50 Ω N-Type)
    Antenna control port (Socket, 6way MIL-C-26482)
    AC mains input (IEC-C14 fused panel mount plug)
  • RF output impedance 50 Ω
  • AC operating range 100 to 240 V AC ±10% (50 / 60 Hz)
  • External DC input 11-15V DC
  • Protection AC surge protection / over-voltage / under-voltage / over-temperature
    DC short circuit – 30A fuse, user replaceable, automotive style
  • Temperature range –30 to +60°C; 95% RH maximum, non-condensing
  • Battery life Up to 3 hours – subject to operational specifics
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) W: 55.9 x H: 35.1 x D: 22.9 cm (22.0 x 13.8 x 9.0 in)
  • Weight 19.8 kg (44 lbs)

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