The SDR-P is a software defined radio ideally suited for a range of manned, unmanned, commercial and tactical applications.

With no less than eight individual input/output connectors covering digital video, analogue video, analogue audio, serial, USB, RNDIS, USB-PD, ISM-band telemetry, Ethernet and support for 3G/4G/Wi-Fi peripherals, the SDR-P is ideal for unmanned, fixed/temporary site infrastructure and mobile transmission of IP, video and audio data. The SDR-P has been employed with ease and success in a wide variety of situations ranging from controlling bomb disposal robots to backbone IP infrastructure for armored vehicles to transmission and reception of broadcast video feeds for commercial events.

The SDR-P exists in 2W and 4W power variants, each with its own unique performance advantages. The 4W SDR-P offers unrivalled dual H.264 video encoding performance and ISM telemetry transceiver control.

The 2W SDR-P carries dual USB connections, support for 3G/4G/WiFi peripherals and USB-C powering allowing compatibility with a range of COTS systems, and makes for a highly cost-effective radio solution.

The component parts of the SDR-P radios are available as OEM bare boards for platform integration.

SOL8 SDR2x1 W P for web


  • General
  • Transmitter / Receiver
  • Video / Audio / Data
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Frequency Range (2x2W) 039091 320-470MHz + 902-928MHz tel.
    132043 1.14-1.50GHz + 433.05-434.79MHz tel.
    132086 1.14-1.50GHz + 863-870MHz tel.
    201043 1.67-2.35GHz + 433.05-434.79MHz tel.
    201086 1.67-2.35GHz + 863-870MHz tel.
    201091 1.67-2.35GHz + 902-928MHz tel.
    234043 1.98-2.70GHz + 433.05-434.79MHz tel.
    234086 1.98-2.70GHz + 863-870MHz tel.
    234091 1.98-2.70GHz + 902-928MHz tel.
    470043 4.40-5.00GHz + 433.05-434.79MHz tel.
    470086 4.40-5.00GHz + 863-870MHz tel.
    470091 4.40-5.00GHz + 902-928MHz tel.
    575091 5.50-6.00GHz + 902-928MHz tel.
  • Frequency Range (2x1W) 114150 1.14-1.50GHz,
    167235 1.67-2.35GHz,
    198270 1.98-2.70GHz,
    440500 4.40-5.00GHz
  • RF Power Output 4W
  • RF Power Input (2x2W) 8-18VDC reverse polarity protected,
    7.5W-9.5W power consumption (AV mode dependent)
  • RF Power Input (2x1W) 8-17.5V reverse-polarity protected |
    USB PD input 9-15V |
    10W typical consumption in mesh mode
  • COMSEC DES encryption (standard),
    AES128 encryption (option),
    AES256 encryption (option)
  • RF Power (2x2W) 2W (+33dBm) per output, 4W total
  • RF Power (2x1W) 1W (+30dBm) per output, 2W total
  • RF Power Step 0.25dB incremental control
  • Tuning Step 125KHz
  • COFDM Receiver Required Application SDRAPP-RX / SDRAPP-MESH
  • Sensitivity SDR receiver up to -110dBm, telemetry receiver -114dBm
  • Streaming Output Single service (first received)
  • Digital Video Input (2x2W) Dual SD/HD-SDI on DIN 1.0/2.3 female
  • Analogue Audio Output 3.5mm jack
  • Analogue Audio Input 3.5mm jack
  • Data Configuration 1k2 – 115k2, 7/8 it, no/odd/even parity
  • Data Interface 2x2W RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet
  • Data Interface 2x1W RS232, USB, Ethernet
  • Size (2x2W) L200mm x W200mm x H27mm
  • Size (2x1W) L150mm x W75mm x H24mm
  • Weight (2x2W) 950g
  • Weight (2x1W) 462g
  • Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C with additional cooling
  • Environmental Protection Humidity less than 85% non-condensing
  • Accessory Output Power 1A/5V regulated pass-through

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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