The SOL8SDR2x1W-P is a compact software defined radio transceiver with 2x1W RF output power.

Leveraging Codan | DTC’s industry-leading MeshUltra Mesh waveform and also capable of operating as a unidirectional COFDM Transmitter or Receiver, the SOL8SDR2x1W-P is ideally suited for UxV and commercial applications.

The SOL8SDR2x1W-P also includes a rich set of interface options including native Ethernet, dual USB and serial as well as an audio headset interface.

The SOL8SDR2x1W-P also offers the option of USB-C powering direct from a suitable end user device or USB-C battery (USB PD compliant).

SOL8 SDR2x1 W P for web


  • Features and Benefits
  • 2x1W transceivers for use as IP Mesh radio, COFDM transmitter or receiver
  • USB-C power option compliant with USB PD
  • RNDIS support for Ethernet over USB
  • Ethernet and RS-232 data connectivity
  • USB support for peripherals such as 3G/4G/Wi-Fi dongles 128GB in-built SD card storage
  • Compact enclosure
  • Very low power consumption, typically 10W IP Mesh
  • 160mm (incl. connectors) x 75mm x 24mm
  • 456g approx.

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