Codan’s Tactical 411 Broadband Antenna is a rapid deploy, portable antenna suitable for NVIS and medium distance HF communications.

Codan's 411 antenna is robust and reliable, designed to operate over the full HF band, and is rated for 125 W PEP at full duty cycle for voice and data.

The 411 antenna is supplied fully assembled, complete with anchor stakes, laminated installation instructions and canvas carry bag. No specialised tools are required for installation. The central antenna spreader bar is fitted with a sleeve that enables the antenna to be mounted into the Top section of a mast with an inner diameter of 32 mm. The antenna is constructed of Kevlar reinforced antenna wire for strength, long life, and immunity to kinking. The Codan 6 and 10 m Tactical Masts are recommended for use with this antenna.

The optimum height for general communications is 10 m. However, 6 m will improve Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) radiation for communications over shorter distances

Codan Hf Ant411Tac Broadband Ptb


  • General
  • Frequency range 2 to 30 MHz
  • Power rating 125 W PEP, 60 W average
  • Input impedance 50 Ω
  • VSWR over range Generally <2:1
  • Radiation pattern Refer radiation plots
  • RF connector type N socket
  • Wind rating 160 km/hr, no ice
  • Mounting hardware All supplied
  • Package details (packed bag) 5 kg, including anchor stakes
  • Suggested masts Codan 6 m Manportable Mast (part number 78-13035)
    Codan 10 m Transportable Mast (part number 78-13036)
  • Anchor stake spacing 31 m for 6 m Manportable Mast, 36 m for 10 m Transportable Mast

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.


How do I choose the best antenna for my HF system?

For mobile applications, we generally recommend the Codan 3040 Automatic Whip Antenna . For more demanding applications, the 3042 tuner and associated whip is recommended. For base station applications, we generally recommend the 411 Terminated Folded Dipole Antenna, or a full Delta Antenna, if sufficient space is available.

Proper antenna selection requires consideration of many parameters including desired range of operation, available frequencies, transmit power levels, space constraints, and type of service being provided (voice / data). Codan offers a wide range of antennas and masts for different requirements.

Please visit our Antennas & Masts page for more information on our range. For assistance with antenna selection, contact Codan.

When do I need to use a Mast in a HF system?

Most base station antennas require a mast. The antenna consists of the wires and transformers used for communication. However, they require a mast for the antenna to be erected in the air. The mast consists of aluminium or fibreglass poles and guy wires which prevent movement of the mast under antenna, wind and ice loading. A mast height is generally between 10 and 15 metres.

I would like to purchase a Codan Radio System. How do I go about this?

Contact sales at Codan Communications directly via sales enquiry, email or phone as per the details on our contact webpage. You can also request a quote via this form.

For an LMR System, we typically require the following information in order to quote:

  • Frequency band (VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, AM, etc.)
  • RF power output (8 Watts, 30 Watts, 100 Watts, 250 Watts, etc.)
  • Frequencies and Bandwidth (Optional for Quote, Required for Order)
  • Tone Signalling (CTCSS, DTMF, DCS)
  • Cabinets or Racks
  • Duplexers or Relays
  • Detailed Configurations

For an HF System, we typically require the following information in order to quote:

  • System type (Base, Mobile/Vehicular, Portable/Manpack)
  • Type of transceiver required
  • Power source (mains, battery, solar)
  • Brief outline of capabilities required
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