Codan’s range of power supplies are designed for reliability and durability, interfacing with Codan radios for voice, data or fax communications.

Our range of power supplies operate over a wide range of mains supply voltages and are protected against short-circuit, under-voltage and over-voltage fault conditions. Designed to be lightweight and rugged, with stable regulation and low noise output, you can trust Codan for an uninterrupted power supply to your HF radio. Codan also provides a low noise voltage regulator designed for use with sensitive radio communications equipment.

Codan transportable repeaters and base station solutions can be supplemented with a variety of solar power and battery options, providing a true rapidly deployable solution.

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Transceiver Supplies

Codan Hf 3020 Transceiver Supply Pld

3020 Transceiver Supply

The 3020 Transceiver Supply provides a highly reliable power source for Codan Transceivers operating at high duty cycle in voice and data modes.

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Codan Hf Sentryh 3320Powersup Pld

3320 Transceiver Supply

The 3320 Transceiver Supply provides 12V DC power to Codan’s Sentry-H 6120-BM HF Radio System.

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Codan Hf 2110M 3520Transup Pld

3520 Transceiver Supply

Codan's 3520 transceiver supply is a rugged, lightweight and compact unit, specifically designed to power sensitive radio equipment.

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Codan Hf Ignition Sense Relay Pld

Ignition Sense Relay

The ignition sense relay automates the tedious process of turning the transceiver on/off, thereby simplifying the task list of the operator and protecting the vehicle’s battery.

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The voltage regulator operates in a 24 V DC automotive electrical system providing a safe 12 V output for 12 V equipment.

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Codan Hf 2110 Battery Pld

2110 Series Batteries

The 2110 Series Manpack transceivers feature low current consumption and Codan’s intelligent battery management system, which makes it easy to manage your batteries.

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Codan offers several battery options in rugged polypropylene enclosures to supplement LMR transportable systems. The 35 Ah battery with allows for 36 hours of operation and is compatible with all Codan transportable cases. The Codan 100 Ah external battery kit allows for 110 hours of operation.

The Stratus Power Center is comprised of a transportable 35 AH battery and optional 110/220 VAC power supply in a rugged polypropylene transportable case.

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Codan Hf 2110 Charger Pld

2110 Series Chargers

Codan’s 2110 Series Transceivers feature an intelligent battery management system that continuously displays the battery condition and charging state, giving you the confidence you need for reliable…

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Codan Hf Solarpanel Pld

Solar Power Kit 300W

Codan's Solar Panel Power Supply Kit provides HF radio operating power and battery charging power solely from the sun’s solar energy.

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Codan offers a compact solar panel package for use with a transportable radio repeater family or for use in any application requiring rapidly deployable DC power that is compact and easy to set up. The solar panel is made of a rugged flexible material and is rated for 60W with a 3.6A output.

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