The SOL7 Robust Repeater unit is an integrated single box COFDM repeater which can operate in a variety of transmission bandwidths allowing the user to trade off image quality against range, to suit all types of missions.

The SOL7 Robust Repeater has DTC technology at its core and is ideal for extending the range of wireless video links in harsh external environments, including mobile and urban. Incoming signals are re-transmitted without decoding and hence do not require an encryption key at the repeater, allowing the repeater to operate as an unattended black site.

Supplied in a sealed IP67 rated aluminum enclosure, the SOL7 Robust Repeater can achieve NLOS range extensions and LOS range extensions of tens of kilometers thanks to its integral 2W RF power amplifier.

SOL7 MRRPTR front angle


  • General
  • Transmitter DVB-T
  • Transmitter NB / UMVL
  • Video / Audio / Data
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Frequency Range (2W) 1.98-2.70GHz,
    Transmit 1.98-2.26GHz / Receive 2.42-2.70GHz,
    Other frequencies available on request
  • RF Power Output 2W
  • Power Input 10-16VDC (12V nominal)
  • DVB-T Bandwidth 8 / 7 / 6MHz
  • DVB-T FEC 1/2 , 2/3 , 3/4 , 5/6 , 7/8
  • DVB-T Modulation QPSK,
  • DVB-T Guard Interval 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
  • DVB-T Bitrates 3.732 to 31.668Mbps
  • NB Bandwidth 2.5MHz,
  • UMVL Bandwidth 8 / 7 / 6MHz
  • NB / UMVL FEC 1/3, 2/3
  • NB / UMVL Modulation QPSK,
  • NB / UMVL Guard Interval 1/8, 1/16
  • NB Bitrates 144kbps to 4.879Mbps
  • UMVL Bitrates 1.317kbps to 14.869Mbps
  • Remote Control RJ45 Ethernet
  • Size L175mm, W225mm, 70mm
  • Weight 2.86KG
  • Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C
  • Power Consumption 42W maximum
  • Environmental Protection IP67 with mated connectors

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